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    Momentum Leisure

    Many of Opal's accommodation for students boast excellent leisure facilities - usually including Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi and a fully equipped Gym!

    Opal was the first private student accommodation provider to build leisure facilities within our accommodation for students, further adding to the excellent facilities already offered to create a luxury home away from home!

    All of Opal's leisure suites are operated to a high standard through the Momentum Leisure brand - with years of leisure experience and impeccable safety standards.

    Momentum Leisure Suites are are always offered at a special price for Opal students, whether the facilities are in your Opal student accommodation or an Opal hall down the road!

    Here's a list of Opal student accommodation with leisure suites in your city, so you can check out the facilities and our great accommodation for students:

    Student Accommodation Birmingham - Full Momentum Leisure Suite in Opal 1 Birmingham
    Student Accommodation Bradford - Full Momentum Leisure Suite in Arkwright Hall
    Student Accommodation Huddersfield - Full Momentum Leisure Suite in Aspley Hall
    Student Accommodation Leeds - Full Momentum Leisure Suite in Opal 1 & 2 Leeds.  FREE private gym on 23rd floor, with great views, in Opal 3 Leeds
    Student Accommodation Liverpool - Full Momentum Leisure Suite in Opal Court
    Student Accommodation Manchester
    - Full Momentum Leisure Suite in Wilmslow Park
    Student Accommodation Nottingham
    - Gym available in Opal 1 Nottingham
    Student Accommodation Sheffield - Full Momentum Leisure Suite in Opal 2 Sheffield.


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